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Dyslexia In The Classroom Essay

  • Submitted by: winfred
  • on March 3, 2011
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In a learning environment comprising of a number of students, the capacity to learn and retain demonstrated by these students is usually of a diversified manner.   In most of the cases, students who do not perform or who learn slowly are described to be poor learners as compared to their counterparts. However, various factors contribute to the learning ability and capacity demonstrated by these students. Dyslexia is one of the factors which affect the learning capacity of a person. This is a bodily condition or a disability linked to the neurological functioning of a person. It clearly manifests itself in learning children especially those aged below eight years of age. This makes it essential for both the teacher and the parents to clearly understand signs and symptoms associated with dyslexia for an appropriate assistance to the affected children. A number of myths have been associated with dyslexia disabilities as a result only fully equipped teachers can effectively handle students with dyslexia disorder.  
Dyslexia causes and its associated symptoms
Dyslexia is a neurological disorder which affects the learning capacity of a person. It clearly manifests itself in children who despite a thorough class work with their teachers, they hardly know how to write, spell and even have a fluent talk. Being a neurological disorder, the brain lacks the capacity to interpret or translate the perceived images or numbers into understandable codes which can be memorized. In simple terms, the brain lacks the capacity to encode the perceived objects to forms which can be disseminated or decoded in time of need. In addition, the affected child frequently mistakes shorter and similar words like beat and bet since to them they seem to be similar. According to children with such disorders, words which are closely pronounced in similar way should also be spelt in the same manner. Due to these impediments, the affected children perform very...

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