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Earth Watch Essay

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Earth watch was a project that our class started in September. Since we are in a course for physical geography, this assignment is based on two components of physical geography, seismic and volcanic activity. The project was to record seismic and volcanic activities around the world, for a duration of 12 weeks (3 months). We were given a map where the class was to mark the location where seismic and volcanic activity occurred, the seismic activity was to be recorded in green and volcanic in red. On the map we had to label the location of activity with the number of the week it had occurred in .The map we were given was a rough copy of the location of results. The class was told to get a blank sheet of paper where the results were to be recorded, the sheet was supposed to have 3 sections. One section was labeled the Week, it contained the week the results were recorded and the date the week had ended. Another section was called Seismic (Earthquakes); it had the sites of seismic activity. The last section was named Volcanic, it comprised of the sites of volcanic activity. After we had finished the 3 months of observations, we to had to start the assignment. In the assignment we had to, write an introduction to the project, have a table where the results are shown, have a rough copy map, make a good copy map with labels and normal map features. We also have to have a conclusion stating what we saw in our observations, what we think about the results and talk about anomalies and state a hypothesis on why it happed in those locations. Finally, we had to make a final conclusion on the assignment.

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