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Earthquakes Essay

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With recent disasters involving tsunamis and earthquakes, along with other disasters,
people begin to wonder if these are related. This is a big question because it was first thought that this
was just coincidence, with no relation between the disasters. With more and more instances of
situtations like this, scientists began to wonder and investigate. Earthquakes can devistate cities and
maybe even countries, but what makes them so dangerous and why are people so afraid? So here is
the big question: Are earthquakes and other natural disasters related?
Mass amounts of data and information about this subject is gathered everyday. Compiled together,
this information is displayed upon the rest of this report. Gathered from multiple sources, accurate and
truthful information is portraited throughout.
Theoretical Basis
Being one of the greatest killers on the planet earth, earthquakes can create mass pandimonium
among so many people all at one time. They create massive seismic waves that, through underground
travel, create upheavals of land. This causes the ground to crack, buildings to collapse, and a violent
shaking of the earth. An epicenter is the point at which the earthquake originated. From this point the
primary waves, or p waves, carry out in a ripple-like motion, much like that of a rock being dropped into
water. They spread out for miles and lose strength as they move.
After the p waves have completely died off, smaller, faster moving waves, move from the epicenter
which are usually never felt. Hundreds of times a day, without our knowing, these waves move among
us. These are called secondary waves, or s waves. All seismic waves are measured on a Richter Scale.
This scale is the primary scale used in measuring the power of an earthquake, ranking it from a
magnitude of 1.0 to 10.0. Typical effects of these magnitudes are as follows: 3.5 or less, usually unfelt
but still are recorded; 3.6 to 5.4, slight tremors and...

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