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eating healthy Essay

  • Submitted by: chalbnitb480
  • on November 7, 2009
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Difficulties to Eat Healthy

I have the most difficult time to eat healthy.   Well honestly, my options are challenging, and my choices are poor.   Even thou the food I eat are mouth-watering and satisfying to my appetite, I know it is not pleasing to my body.   So therefore, my attempt is to eat healthy, but of course, it is no easy task for me.   With my mother’s cooking of Mexican cuisine, my family’s favorite eating-places, and above all the insufficient hours of the day seem to detain me from reaching my desire to eat healthy food.  
Mexican food is very delicious.   For instance, my mother’s fresh homemade, warm, flour tortillas, together with her signature carne guisada dish, accompanied by a side of rice and beans.   Making the meal complete with a delicious desert, a homemade pastry that she makes from scratch.   These irresistible dishes consist of various unhealthy ingredients that are high in starch, cholesterol, and fat.   By reducing the amount of these tasty plates, I will also have a low risk of high blood pressure or cholesterol that is not healthy for my body.
Because of my lack of cooking skills, my family and I tend to eat out quite a bit.   The frequent eating-places range widely, but their favorite is Mexican food.   For instance, going to El Toro or any Mexican restaurant, what do you get before you even order food?   Yep, that overloaded basket full of deep fried tortilla chips and salsa.   On average, we consume a basket entirely before our meal even arrives.   The addicting chips and delicious food provoke my poor choices.
Time is a crucial component in my everyday life.   With an everyday routine of work, school and my family, more hours are required in my chaotic day.   At work, with only thirty minutes given for a lunch break, I literately have to eat on the run.   It is leaves me to pick the quickest eating-place surrounding my job site, like McDonalds or Churches Chicken.   When I arrive home from school it is late at night,...

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