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EConomics Essay

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Below is an essay on "EConomics" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

I.A.rrogant y.oung P.eople (A.y.P.)

Is to promote self confidence and leadership throughout school (at all levels) and the
surrounding community now and for the rest of your life. Members in this
organization must understand the seriousness of sayings such as "reach
one teach one", and live by the creed of I am my brother's keeper
(I.A.M.B.K), maintain a positive outlook on life at any situation, and
be willing to lend a hand to a fellow neighbor classmate or child in need
wherever they are located. A.y.P will become a representation of self and
become a helping factor in turning boys to men and girls to women, this
will be not only a social circle but a social network for college students
during there entire college experience and after the college experience
it will be a stretched out hand of help in the business world to                                                   pull a fellow member up and into the door or the working world. This
organization will NOT be for those individuals, who are close minded,
selfish, stingy, greedy, and not about helping there brother (or
sister), or receive help from a brother or sister.

III.Responsibilities of Members
Members of this organization will be held to the highest standards with
any and everything, carrying responsibilities such as being a positive
force in the community, being respectable mentors to the youth, further
educating thereselves through college studies (or any other source of higher learning),                                 and following any and all   rules put in place on the college campus and the free world.

A. Duties
1. To keep in close contact with the president and/or vice president
2. To carry out any orders sent down thru the proper chain of command
3. To be the person who takes proposals of community service, events, or
plans to the proper staff members on campus
1. You must be apart of the...

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