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economics Essay

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  • on March 10, 2009
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Paper One

LVA 2407: International Cinema
Spring 2009
Dr. Claudia Springer

Choose a sequence* from either The Last Laugh, Grand Illusion, Bicycle Thieves, or The 400 Blows.   You will analyze 1) its construction, and, 2) its significance to the film as a whole.  
The sequence you choose may be significant in a variety of different ways.   For example, it may advance the plot, reveal information about a character or characters, establish a location, set a mood, provide irony, or introduce symbolism.   A pivotal sequence can perform several, or even all, of these functions simultaneously.   You should choose an interesting sequence that gives you sufficient material to work with.
Make sure you use the correct film terminology by consulting our textbook Understanding Movies. Use the following list to guide your analysis, concentrating on the elements that are most relevant:  

a)   the framing of the shots: what is onscreen and what is offscreen
b)   the arrangement of the settings and figures
c)   camera distance
d)   camera angle
e)   camera movement, if applicable
f)   lighting
g)   editing

Organize your paper around a thesis stating your main point about the contributions of your sequence to the film, and the way it uses particular cinematic techniques to convey its meanings.   Do not summarize the plot; instead, analyze the construction of your sequence.   This is an opportunity for you to use your own analytical skills, so do not conduct research for this paper other than consulting our textbooks.   The films are on reserve on DVD in the library (at the front desk). You will be able to watch them in a viewing room in the library, but you cannot check them out.  

LENGTH: 4 to 5 complete, double-spaced, word processed pages.  
DUE: Wednesday, March 11, in class.   Extensions will not be granted.   Late papers will be marked down a full letter grade (for example, from a B+ to a C+).

Write the following pledge on your paper and sign your name:   I...

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