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Ecosystem Dangers Essay

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The first article entitled “Condition Critical” by Eugene Linden, talks about how the ecosystems all over the world are in great danger. This article starts off talking about how the UN conducted a massive cooperative study of the earth’s ecosystems. This study was called PAGE for short. The study found overwhelming depletion of natural resources and showed the ecosystems are quickly getting destroyed by human industry. Whether it be logging, fishing, or reconstruction of coasts, humans have been destroying nature and it is all starting to catch up to us. The article goes into several examples of how specific ecosystems are being destroyed including the rainforests. Humans are harming the carbon and nitrogen cycle and we don’t know how much longer Earth can sustain all of our horrible actions. We are taking out resources faster than the earth can replace them and it is very dangerous to mess around with because once it’s gone, it’s gone. The article explains how there are things being done now to help save the ecosystems but it is not enough. In order to really change the outcome of the earth’s ecosystems, drastic changes need to be made.
Science Daily’s article “Two Severe Amazon Droughts in Five Years Alarms Scientists” says that research shows that the 2010 Amazon drought was even more devastating than the 2005 drought. The 2005 drought was said to be a 1 in 100 year event. The 2010 drought was more widespread and detrimental to the Amazon. Some studies show that Amazon droughts like these two will happen more often. This is detrimental to the health of the ecosystem. Rainforests are important to life on Earth and are in great danger.
After reading these two articles, it makes me realize how bad the health of the ecosystems really is. We always hear about how natural resources are depleting but nobody seems to pay much attention to it. There is a difference between awareness and actually doing something about it. It really surprised me how we are using the...

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