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ED211 Reflection Essay

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First, I have learned that the first day of school is a very important day, and that it is during this day that could either make me enjoy my career for the rest of my life or make me become the one who is working all day instead of my students. I learned not to include the class during calling attendance and do assign seating’s. Also that I should posses’ characteristics of an effective teacher and that is to have positive expectation, have classroom management, and have lesson mastery. It is these characteristics that would make my future students succeed in their academics. I have learned that if I have positive expectations my future students be so influence by the positive environment that it assist them to achieve and if I have great classroom management it maximizes student learning instead of creating a confusing environment also is I succeed in lesson mastery my student would have confidence in what I am doing and trying to teach them.

Second, In order to teach younger children to succeed I myself have to dress appropriately. Being a teacher is about being professional in what I do and looking professional is a key to prove that I do take the time to look decent and well educated. It is sad to see teachers to dress as if they themselves are students. Sometimes you cannot even tell them apart. The worst thing of all is to see a teacher dress as if they were going to a club. This portrays the wrong image to the children.

Third, is to have rule’s, procedures and routines without them a class room would be so disorganized that students get lost all the time. There is no foundation for a classroom any more. This will not maximize student learning. So I learn to make general and specific rules for my future classroom and to create procedures that would become routines. I have also learned that I should get together with fellow teachers in my school because it is suppose to be working as a whole and not as individuals. It’s about the bigger picture....

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