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Edu 230 Sec 12407 Essay

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EDU 230 Sec 12407
Many people experience prejudice in that they are either the victim or they themselves are the prejudice individual. There are various forms of prejudice including and not limited to sexual, race, disability, and so on. The prejudice individual to an outside party will seem like an irrational and antipathetic when to them that hate serves a purpose, a function. The first one is the defensive function approach, meaning the so-called prejudice is using his beliefs to deny a thought or feeling he might have about himself regarding another. For example, Rob went out Saturday night to the bar with some friends to see if he could use a bit of liquid courage to muster up the will to pick up some ladies. Later into the night, Rob’s friends decide that it is about time for them to start heading home so they are physically able to drive, but Rob decides to stay back and drink a few more hours. In time, Rob gets to the point of intoxication that he no longer has control of motor functions and begins making a fool of himself, another man Steve stumbles into Rob and they start to chat and one things leads to another and Rob finds himself the next morning in another man’s bedroom. Without a doubt, this is a clear case of homosexuality no matter what the catalyst was. An individual using the defensive approach will take that and say this can never happen to me again and I hate this type of person for that very reason. So Rob begins to have a growing hate for gay men and lesbian women alike. Everywhere he goes if there is a person of homosexual orientation Rob must criticize them in a very crude manner and show no remorse. Furthermore, when this defensive function approach is used to discriminate an entire race it is a rather different scenario. For instance, a man who has believed himself his entire life as a pureblood Aryan and has never really shown any type of racism although he feels superior to others finds out one day that his great grand father was of...

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