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Education Essay

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Good morning! Today i'm going to be talking to you about education- how people with educations are compared to people who don't have educations.
    People with educations have lots of better job opprotunities. Most employers first judge you on your education. Your education can make the difference in you having a stable job or bouncing around from job to job. People who have an education usally do not have trouble finding jobs. People with educations also make more money than people without them. college graduates make 40% more than people who did not graduate from college. People who haven't graduated from high school bring home about $396 a week. People who did bring about $554 per week. People who have some college bring $622. Associates Degree bring about $672. Bachelors Degree $900, Masters $1064 and, Doctrine $1349.
    People with educations are generally happier than people without. They have money to go out and do fun stuff like going on vacations, crusies, etc. Education has been shown to be a powerful and unique perdictor of health outcomes. People with educations are healthier. Now i'm going to talk to you about people without educations.
    People without educations do not have alot of job opprunities. The only jobs they can generally get are in resruants, fast food places, grociery stores and in retail unless they get lucky. In some of these places your have to work long hours and don't get paid that much. People without educations also only have money for basic needs. Some people can't even afford thier basic needs- like grocerices, clothes, transportation, homes, etc. Alot of people without educations do not make enough money to go have fun- like going bowling or to the movies. People without education have alot of emotional stress. From not being able to pay for things. If you don't have alot of education you will always go through life wondering why the guy next door has way more than you do and its because he got a better education and a...

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