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Education In Africa Essay

  • Submitted by: tawana122
  • on December 11, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Teachers Expectations of Primary Education Provision In Zimbabwe


(Briefly describe the method used in the current study – design, participants, procedure inc. location & sampling strategy)
(Briefly describe analysis used, and whether findings were significant (and if so, who was riskier?) – don’t include numerical information)
(Briefly summarise the conclusions drawn – did your findings support previous studies or not?   What are the implications of your findings?)
NB: Remember that the abstract is supposed to deliver a short summary of the whole study in a single paragraph, so you will need to be very succinct (no more than 200 words). Aim to sum up method / findings / conclusions in only one or two sentences for each area.


Introduction 1000w Page

Literature Review 2000w Page

Method 1500w Page

Results 1000w Page

Discussion 2500w Page

Conclusion & Recommendations 1500w Page

Bibliography Page

Appendices Page


Zimbabwe, is a land-locked country in Southern Africa. ‘At the last national census in 1992 the country’s total population was around 10.5 million persons, of whom 49% were male and 51% female. The average population growth rate between 1982 and 1992 was 3.1 percent per annum’ (Ross K, 1998:1). Zimbabwe is divided into nine regions (see Appendix 1, Van Der Laan & Vayrynen, 1996:13). Zimbabwe gained independence in 1980, at which point the After gaining independence in 1980, the ‘government of Zimbabwe took various measures to increase [primary] school enrolment and to cut down costs of universalisation of primary education’ (Haq & Ul Haq, 1998), increasing quantity. Five years into independence, with Fay Chung as Minister of Education, the focus was shifted to quality of provision (Fay Chung cited Jansen, 1991).

In recent years, Zimbabwe has frequently been in the international news [frequently] for the social, political and economic...

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