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Effective Communication Essay

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Effective Communication
Essentially in the division one sport of rowing, communication is a key factor in the success and demise of on team. In analyzing the University of Louisville Women's Rowing Team I gained several new aspects/understanding of how important effective communication between coaches and players, players to other players and in this particular case coxswains to rowers. Within the sport of rowing communication is broken down in two different aspects/ arenas on land and on water. On land communication   mainly deals with communication amongst teammates, in that when testing on an erg for let's say a 2000 meter test, positive messages of encouragement whether they may be seen through body language or a simple "YOU GOT IT PUSH YOURSELF , ONLY 250 MORE METERS TO GO " suffice as well. Most often times on land communication is between coaches to coxswain, and from coxswains to rowers to allow for an effective break down of leveled communication amongst the groups. On water , communication is limited to silence from all the boat members with stroke, power, and speed calls being made by the coxswain. Most often time non-verbal communication is used in showing understanding for the calls made by the coxswain.
In the sport of rowing effective communication is deemed successful when all members can come together and effectively enter   their oars in and out of the water at the same exact point in time, while still maintaining seat slide speed along with still having enough pressure from the foot pedals. Basically the first boat to get across the finish line the fastest without having to much turn around or crab catching in their boat is the most successful in regards with communication. The most successful forms of communication used to date with in the program are: non-verbal; open communication; and face-to-face communication. On the day to day basis the mission statement is implemented to the tee in that each rower has expectations placed upon them that...

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