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Effective leadership Essay

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Effective leadership

In this essay we will discuss the features of effective leadership. We need to define leadership and what makes it effective to be clear with this team.   The over view of leadership is connects either with kings and country or in pacific with presidents and other political leaders. But it is not necessary to be so, because leadership could be a small group with one person who is leader to them; for example, the coach of football team or a teacher in the class. In fact, each one of these people have common characteristics: they have self-confidence and knowledge of their job or what they do; they have a loyal and coherent to their team or people; they know how to build a team; they are able to visualize plans for the future; they are able to safeguarded they citizens; they can change plans according to the situation; and they are fair with every one who they are lead. In this essay we will focus in the three of these characteristics: fairness, self-confidence and knowledge of their job and visualization plans for the future.
Leadership is the art or the way of influencing people by doing the job or work in very attractive and effective way. Leadership is, therefore crucial in motivating and inspiring the workforce (Merry). Did great leaders are born to greatness? In the other words, what makes any leadership be effective leadership? Effective leadership have to main rules, integrity and humility, which these two things makes any leader have an effective leadership (Walker). And we can not forget the main three characteristic of effective leadership which they can give us with the main rule a very great leadership.
Firstly, they leaders should be fair in what they do in their life. In more details, any leader in this world must be fair with his or her citizens or team. All people should be equal in everything and no one take a better thing than other ones, because all people are equal. A good example of this is Jahangir, he treat all his...

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