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Effects Of Tsarist Regime On Russia Essay

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The collapse of the Tsarist regime was in consequence of a number events and actions from the Tsar Nicholas II over Russia. One of the principal causes, however, was the First World War to the disintegration of the Tsarist ruling. As war was declared between Germany and Russia in August 1914 it appeared the conflict would save the Romanov Dynasty, although, ironically, it would only come to destroy the tsarist regime.

The Tsar’s government before 1914 was weak, which then the war pushed it to breaking point. World War 1 took men from the farms and food to the front, and congested the railway system, so that people starved in the towns. The economy soon began to feel the strain of war so prices rose as a consequence, and there was famine in the winter of 1916-1917 which led to the discomfort of the population even more so which only triggered more revolutionary outlooks.  

One of the main reasons why the 1905 revolution failed was due to the support and control of the military the Tsar held. This can be substantiated with Vladimir Lenin’s idea “One man with a gun can control 100 without one” which can be safe to assume he was referencing Tsar Nicholas’s military control he inflicted on any protestors against the Tsarist regime, whom were immediately arrested and usually forced to exile such as the case of Lenin who opposed the Russian autocratic tsarist regime.   He felt “It is true that liberty is precious; so precious that it must be carefully rationed”.

Lenin was of the working class so these views are significant in forming ideas on how the common Russian felt working and living under the Tsarist regime with there lack of liberty and why so many protests took place to discontinue the Tsars power over them.   By the time the 1917 revolution had started, the Tsar had lost this support and control. He was thereby left with no protection. This happened as a result of World War 1.

The war was met with an immediate...

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