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Effects of Radicalsim Essay

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In 1816 another meeting occurred at spa fields, Islington, London. This was a meeting held by a small extremist group called the Spenceans who believed in public ownership of land. Famous radical orator Henry Hunt was suppose to appear but prior to his arrival a riot was started by alcohol fueled Dr James Watson and his son. Finally when Hunt arrived he still made his speech requesting a reform in parliament. Although most of the political rallies were peaceful, due to the actions at spa fields the government was under the belief that all of these meetings were just and excuse to riot. The government then suspended habeas corpus and prevented any group of more than 50 people congregating.

Small rallies still took place such as the march of Blacketeers where a group of 300 protesters were attempting to walk from Manchester to London to present a petition to the king. Only one person made it to London but nothing came of the partition he handed to the king, one was killed and a few were injured by the yeomanry but were sent home when they reached Stockport. The march of the Blanketeers like most other rallies was a very minimal radical threat against parliament but due to the spy network was over exaggerated. I feel that even if all 300 of them reached London nothing would have changed because of the very small number of people.HUJQFE

More and more radical groups began to emerge and assort speeches. One in particular, a meeting at spa fields, a riot was caused by Dr James Watson and his son, who were both drunk at the time. Henry hunt was to be at the rally, giving a speech, however he arrived after the riots, although still giving a speech requesting the end of the corn laws and parliamentary reform. This led to the government becoming more protective against radical gatherings. They assumed that most rallies were there for rioters and not peaceful protests that the majority were. They ordered more yeomanry to stand guard over further rallies. This action...

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