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Elections Essay

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Every 5 year around the 22 of April you’ll find many different parties come to your houses, organize rallies and celebrations to tell every one what they will do if they voted for them in the election. They usually make promises to the people, like free water and lights or lower price of food and petrol etc. But most of the promises made to the innocent people of South Africa, like our self’s or false and deceiving. Once you have voted for them they disappear and you would not see them again or another 5 years with everything staying the same or if not worse. This year there has been a large turnout at the elections due to a lot of advertisement to make people more aware of voting for the better of the country and ourselves.

Many people may ask what democracy is. The term democracy first appeared in ancient Greek political and philosophical thought. The philosopher Plato contrasted democracy, the system of "rule by the governed", with the alternative systems of monarchy (rule by one individual) and oligarchy (rule by a small élite class). Democracy is a principle that the control of authority
comes from public. There are several varieties of democracy, some of which provide better representation and more freedoms for their citizens than others. However, if any democracy is not carefully legislated to avoid an uneven distribution of political power with balances, such as the separation of powers, then a branch of the system of rule could accumulate power and become harmful to the democracy itself.

Democracy allows us to live in a free society with equal opportunities and rights for everyone. With democracy we can punish those how are guilty and help those who want to succeed, It also does not accept any discrimination what so ever. If people just abide by these law they could make the world a better place to live in. Because then the next generation would eventually learn from us and change the world forever.

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