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Electronic "Benefits" Essay

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Electronic “Benefits”
An Electronic Benefit Transfer card or most commonly known as an EBT card is a government issued aid for the needy in order for them to purchase the sustenance they need. By evaluating a person’s living standards, and how many people depend on that person the government can then disperse the amount of money they feel that needy person or family deserves. Many families or individuals rely solely on this electronic transaction in order to live. The only downfall to this magical card to live is the deciding factors that may cause or prevent a hungry family from being fed.
When you vision an act of welfare by the government, typically it is an image of a family in poverty without any means of food. With this mental picture we tend to forget that needy people re everywhere and anyone. Yes, a family with ten children and three fathers, none of whom are known, is the ideal candidate for food stamps. Of course, these numbers do vary from family to family and race to race which all go into account when dispensing the government’s money into the electronic accounts of these families. Now, as supportive as I am of these families, I am also very concerned about the “aid”, and “benefits” that are given to some ethnic backgrounds with different stories behind their struggles. As a Nation that tends to promote equality, each needy person should be treated equally.
The most recent studies have shown that an average of one thousand, three hundred and forty seven dollars is spent annually by one person. By breaking this number down I realized that that would mean that each person spends roughly one hundred and twelve dollars a month on food alone. If this number holds to be self-evident, then this would mean that dispensing one hundred and twelve dollars to every needy person in every household every month would be sufficient in order for them to live.
As fair as this logic sounds, we still see people in America who suffer from a lack of the government aid...

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