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Electrostatics Essay

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Electricity is the flow of electrical power or charge.
Electric Charge
Common symbol Q, q (special symbol for the charge on 1 electron or proton is e)
SI unit coulomb, C
Electric charge is a property possessed by atoms. All matters are made of atoms. An atom is basically composed of three different components -- electrons, protons, and neutrons

Protons and electrons possess electrical charge which creates an electrical field, which is a region of space in which force are exerted on other bodies with charge.
    • There are two kinds of electrical charges, positive and negative.
    • Like charge (+ and +, or - and -)   repel; unlike charges (+ and -) attract within the electric field

    • The charges carried by protons and electrons within atoms are equal in magnitude by opposite in signs.   Protons carry positive charges, while electrons carry negative charges.
    • Neutrons are electrically neutral
    • An atom is electrically neutral, which means that there are equal numbers of protons and electrons. Positive charge of protons is balanced by negative charge of electrons. It has no net electrical charge.
    • Charge particles experience an electrical force within the electrical field
    • The force between electrons is weak, hence electrons can move easily
    • When atoms gain or lose electrons, they are called "ions."
    ▪ A positive ion is a cation that misses electron(s).
    ▪ A negative ion is an anion that gains extra electron(s).

Electric Field

Electric field lines can be drawn using field lines. They are also called force lines.
The field lines are originated from the positive charge and end up at the negative charge.

| |[pic]                                         |                     |[pic]                                               |                   |
| |(Positive charge electric field)               |                     |(Negative charge electric field)                     |...

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