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Elements In A Friendship Essay

  • Submitted by: mumofu126
  • on December 16, 2008
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“Philippic II” was written by Cicero and was aimed at Antony. It was in response to how Antony had acted towards Cicero and Cicero’s reflections upon it. Cicero and Antony had a friendship before the times that this letter incubuses but from the passage you can slowly watch that friendship deteriorate. Luckily, Cicero did give us some hints on to the basis of why Antony might have done some of the things he did against Cicero. This helps not make the situation look completely one sided and have the reader wondering Cicero was friends with Antony in the first place. Friendships have many underlying elements to them such as values held by the parties involved, surrounding culture, and the conflicts that occur between the parties.
A serious conflict in a friendship can come between the people and split them up easily. Cicero and Antony wrote each other a couple of times before this letter. In one instance, Antony writes to Cicero pleading for him to recall the exile of a convicted man. Cicero agreed, in a reply to Antony, but in an excessive and insincere manner which was probably because Antony first wrote him in a civil but intimidating way. Many revealing things are confided in friends that should never be divulged or would otherwise be completely inappropriate. A conflict occurs when Antony decides to betray their friendship by revealing that private letter to the public: “What does such behaviour amount to but the abolition of the bonds of society, the abolition of communication between absent friends?” (Cicero 231). When a conflict of this proportion occurs it is very hard to excuse and maintain the friendship. It is completely understandable here for Cicero to now dismiss Antony as a friend and not speak with him again. He was betrayed and if it can happen once, what’s to say it will not happen again.
Values of each person in a friendship greatly drive how the friendship works between people. What one person holds dear to as to what a friendship means, can...

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