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The Elonian Harp Essay

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  • on November 23, 2008
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The Eolian Harp by Samuel Coleridge is a perfect example of unleashing of pure creativity. Coleridge tries to explain his ideas to everyone, but he's confronted by the fact that no one understands and they will disapprove.
Coleridge begins the poem safely, complementing his lover Sara. Sara is representing society to Coleridge. He is trying to persuade her to understand his thinking, but he knows he can't just rush into his ideas of creativity. He uses stale and frilly language, which he uses again in the last stanza, when he returns to the "safe" Coleridge. The next two stanzas are the pure expression of Coleridge's want for creativity.
Lines thirteen through thirty three are simply Coleridge explaining creativity, using the metaphor of a Lute, to Sara. Although the language is very fanciful, it seems to be pure. Coleridge doesn't hold back, its essentially an unedited ramble. But its in the third stanza where Coleridge goes all out and states his thesis; "And what if all of animated nature be but organic Harps diversely fram'd." The idea being that all creatures have the capacity for creativity and passion. But Coleridge is not rewarded for sharing his ideas with Sara.
Coleridge's thesis is met with a disapproving gaze from Sara. It is only in this last part that he mentions Sara again. Up until then he has forgotten about her, being wrapped up in his fantasy.   She doesn't choose to understand him, she merely decides his idea unfit. If you take away the idea of Sara being society and place her back into the role of Coleridge's love interest, she glares at him simply because he hasn't mentioned her once when he speaks about the Lute. He has spent quite a while talking about the magnificence of an object and doesn't even pause to talk of her light and creativity.   Society squashes Coleridge's creativity and ideas with just one look. Coleridge now returns to the stale language of the first stanza, and goes to a topic he considers safe, God. Coleridge now...

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