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An Emblematic Role Essay

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  • on November 17, 2008
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For many generatios people have had someone to look up to and depend on.   The Egyptians had Pharoahs, the Romans had Caesars and countries were (and still are) led by Kings, Queens, Prime Ministers and Presidents.   Some people are born leaders, whilst leadership for some people has been thrust upon them.   The mystery that marvelled me when I was handed captaincy of my football team was, what makes a leader who he is?
Being a captain of a football team may not be as emblematic as a King or a Pharoah, but I like to think i have the same meaning to my team.   This is how I saw the role when it became available.   No captain had survived long at my football team Broomhill.   The first captain Tony Sauron left the team, the second Michael Crusoe lost captaincy for being too quiet and small.   Danny Matthews took over from there but left the team also.   The team was like a fruit tree; as it progressed, the bad fruits fell.   I felt ready to be the one that would not fall, but succeed.   I would have to commit 100% into proving my worth: At training sessions I would push beyond limits; in games, I would have to shout encouragement and leave none for myself; and off the pitch I would keep the team motivated.   Doing all this my manager finally gave me my chance to shine.
With captaincy I had taken on a completely new role in the team.   It was as if I had elevated from the bottom to the top of the Empire State Building.   The view was incredible and I was determined to stay there. Being up at this height was not the job done, I now had a duty: To be a good sportsman and to be consistent.   I had always been an agressive player but now I had to set an example for my team, a bumby road lay ahead.
From the moment I took on captaincy, a whole new respect was genrated towards me.   I was no longer just a team mate; I now felt a vital part of the team.   I ended up bonding more with the team and I felt closer to each player and this made me feel warmth inside.   I loved being the one...

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