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emile durkheim Essay

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  • on July 27, 2009
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Emile Durkheim was a well known macro theorist who was very highly regarded; he had control over the whole French school system.   He was agnostic after giving up his Jewish start; his father and grandfather were rabbis but he did not want to follow their path.   Durkheim still studied the religious effects on society such as the “Golden Rule,” also how religion teaches morals, what we eat, when we pray, and other actions taught in the Ten Commandments.   He was a conservative and a functionalist.   Durkheim opposed other theorists on the idea of wanting a revolution.   This is possibly because France had a revolution already and he had seen the negative outcomes of this.   He also thought that radical change would throw off the balance of society, for it is on an evolutionary path.   Rather, change needed to be gradual and unhurried.
When Durkheim talked about social facts, he was basically referring to norms.   These social facts are external to and coercive of individuals.   By this he meant that social facts are outside of us.   They existed before us and will continue to exist after us. Also, they are influential and guide our every day interaction.   Without these social facts, anomie would result.   This term anomie, which was coined by Durkheim, means normlessness.   There are a few specific examples of when this has happened.   In the case of Doris Duke, she had all the money one could hope for.   She pretty much fully cut herself off from society, and only talked to her personal butler.   Her own family could not even speak with her.   After her death, it is still unknown exactly what went on in her mansion.   The only person to know anything is the butler.   By cutting herself off from society, Doris Duke put herself in a difficult situation for if she were in any danger it would go unnoticed.
I believe Durkheim places a great deal of importance of the effects of society on the individual because almost every action of every individual traces back to some sort of...

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