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Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Essay

  • Submitted by: wmw1228
  • on December 15, 2008
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Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

A line from the book that spoke to me says, “a spirituality divorced from emotional health – one that allows deep, underlying layers of our lives to remain untouched by God” (20).   This was associated with the, “fruits of Galatians.”   I was able to stop and think about how the words made me feel, and how they affected my life, in all aspects.   Patience, I am a very patient person, and follow things through to the end, however, I lack to give my patience to the ones that I love, I do not give them the patience of myself like they deserve.   This section of the book allowed me to look at all of the layers of my life and reflect on ones where I could use some work.   I had never though of my life as layers, but it makes total sense.   While attending church there is only one side of me that is showing, therefore, only one side that is soaking in the information and learning from it.   By only allowing that one side to grasp the knowledge and love of God I am neglecting to help the other sides or areas of my life.  
Another part of the first section of the book that spoke most clearly to my life experience was “Living Without Limits,” (34).   This section really hit home for me.   I have learned that yes, I have limits and I am only human, I can only help others if I help myself first.   I have always been known for being the friend to be there and help when it was needed.   I do not know when to say no and turn them down.   This imperfection in myself has become very evident to myself over this past term.   I have been neglecting my schoolwork to assist my family and friends when they have needed it.   I have come to realize that for the next month I really need to focus on school and inform everyone that this is where my priority is.   It is just extremely hard for me to justify writing a paper when my best friend has just been diagnosed with cancer, and is currently unsure of where it is heading.   I am one on many Christians who are,...

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