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Emotions Essay

  • Submitted by: eroaqibafat
  • on December 24, 2009
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Below is an essay on "Emotions" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Emotions are part of what makes human, human. People express emotion every day, they are making a intimidating expression when they are mad or a smile when they are happy. Emotions are part of life and sometimes have consequences.

A month passed since it happened, I came back from school to my house, I went as usually to my sister's computer to check my emails and to play some games, after a while my sister came home and saw me on the computer and just went all out on me.
She screamed, Yelled and shout out loud that it is not fair that I'm on her computer every time she returns home. So I left a computer after a hard struggle and then when I exited her room I cursed her an brotherly curse, as an reaction to my curse she opened the door and came after me trying to hit me for what I've said. I told her to leave me alone or I will do terrible things to her but she wouldn’t let go. As a result I grabbed her head and smashed it on the ground. Her tooth isn't the same again.

At first of the incident I felt so angry, I wanted to literally kill someone. I had been having those kinds of feelings in every fight with my sister but I never felt the urge to strike her down on her feet's. after I took care of her face I noticed that I smashed it too hard and broke the top of her tooth's, then I suddenly felt guilty for what I've done, I tried to tell myself and her it is nothing to worry about, but still I felt very uneasy.

I really do hope I will never feel the way I had felt then, it is the worst feeling of all. From that day on I had never get more angry then screaming, for some reason I lose my anger every time it goes to a "I want to kill someone" which is good (I guess). I've learned the my lesson of a bad temper I hope other will learn the same.

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