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Employee Relations At Hmsi Essay

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Honda Motorcycles & Scooters India Ltd. (HMSI)
Challenges before HMSI: 1. Prevent the occurrence of events like workers mass agitation on 25 July 2005 which turned violent and affected productivity severely. 2. Keep the trade union movement in check and addressing the legitimate demands of the workers before they can snowball into issues patronized by the worker‟s union. 3. Maintain transparency in the dealings of the HR department , establishment of a channel for communication between worker‟s representative and top management. Issues Involved: 1. Ineffective and partial HR department sowed the seeds of discontent by ambiguous posting policies, rigid leave approval and shift working hours, lack of concern for workers demands and views. 2. The strict opposition of the enterprise to the workers efforts of constituting a trade union and unjustified, arbitrary actions to deter it. 3. The involvement of political and vested issues led to the clash between the police and workers which had dire consequences. The move on the part of management to use state support for its own benefit proved a reckless step and the negative publicity during the whole crisis affected the profitability of Honda products. Literature:  There is some evidence to suggest that unionism among the blue collar workers including in the public sector has weakened since the 1980s. In fact, labour statistics indicate a marked decline in the number of strikes in India in recent years. Younger and more educated and career-oriented workers seem to be keen to support internal unions which focus on local/ enterprise issues rather than national/ external issues( EMERGING TRENDS IN THE TRADE UNION MOVEMENT : Dr. Kuriakose Mamkoottam )  „Social partnership‟ developed in the capitalist world as a means of regulating conflict between powerful trade unions and employers‟ organizations , mediated by the state, and can only be sustained for as long as the trade unions can deliver both to the employers and to...

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