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Employees Union Essay

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Being a supervisor in a unionized organization, you have many responsibilities not only to the company itself, but also to follow and fulfill any obligations that have been set in the union contract. Although the supervisor is responsible for identifying and resolving any problems or complaints the union members have, in many unions, they appoint one local representative called a steward that is also responsible for taking complaints and present the information to management.
In the situation of hearing a rumor that the union is planning on taking complaints to upper management, it is a supervisor’s responsibility not to jump to conclusions on hear-say, but they are responsible for investigating if it is true. The first thing to consider in the situation is that as of now, the information is just a rumor and there are no facts supporting that it is legitimate. However, just because it is a rumor, doesn’t mean that it should be ignored and a supervisor because it involves the union, upper management should be informed.
Before presenting information to upper management, there must be a plan present on how to resolve this rumor. The plan to upper management is to advise them that there is a potential risk, present actions required to resolve it. First I would advise that we should contact the steward and find out if there are any known complaints, and if they are aware of this information. After contacting the steward, if there is anything known, it should be documented and there should be a plan devised to resolve the complaints.
Depending on the situation, if the steward does not know what is going on, there is even a bigger possibility that the rumor is just a rumor. However, if they don’t, both the supervisor and steward should be alert and speak to the involved parties that the information was heard from. If both the steward and the supervisor have no knowledge of any complaints, which could mean that they are not promoting an environment where members are...

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