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Employment Essay

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Diane Swiger
Sharon Cline
English 1550/20
September 19, 2009

My Personal Experience at the Answering Service
Sometimes people don’t realize how much they enjoyed a specific job until they have resigned. There are instances at a job when a boss will constantly stay on top of you even when it is not needed.   This tends to wear someone down and degrade him or her.   Then there are fortunate jobs where a boss will understand that if someone is doing their job and is dependable, they can let them go about their day and try to keep them apprised of things they wouldn’t know otherwise. Looking back at the various job titles and duties I have held, my most memorable is working for Trumbull Answer Service, although I was employed through Western Reserve Personnel—a temporary employment agency.
When I first began working at the answering service, John was the office manager. He was responsible for both the hospital operators and the answering service operators. John was only there for a couple of months before he was promoted and moved to another department within the hospital. After John’s promotion announcement then came Karen Brooks’ promotion announcement. Up until the time of Karen’s promotion, she worked side by side with us everyday—of course that was only 8 a.m. till 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and no holidays. Once all the office moving was completed and Karen was settled into her new office things seemed just as they did before. Considering I was already comfortable with reporting to Karen with any concerns or problems there was no extra adjustment time needed for me.
Karen’s management style was somewhat similar to Bakshi’s from, One Night at the Call Center. For the majority of her shift she stayed in her office, which was located in the back of the main office. Karen simply came out when other hospital departments or management would come to our department, to criticize the employees for something done wrong, or to go to the hospital cafeteria for...

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