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The Enemy Within Essay

  • Submitted by: ckp22
  • on December 7, 2008
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While reading the section The Enemy Within I started laughing at some of the context. I’ve heard some of these things actually come out of people’s mouths, and when I did I thought to myself this person is so ignorant, and do they actually live in the United States. With where the economy stands today I wonder exactly what the wealthy, white, Christian, corporate leader is thinking. As an African American if it’s unknown to anyone living here in the United States we are currently in a recession. During this historical presidential campaign, I’m paying attention to how each candidates speaks about how he will address the recession we are in. Right now I’m also wondering where my job stands as I’m the only African American in my department and I know that some cut backs have been discussed.
The section Fear and Danger addressed a lot of thoughts and concern a lot of “white” middle age woman have when they see a “black” man. Honestly, a lot of “black” woman have those same concerns when they are walking down the street and a “white” man is walking towards them. But, I’ve also heard of “black” women state that even, when a “black” is walking towards them they will either cross the street or place their hand on their bag. Some stated they are not exactly sure why they do it as it’s not fear that they are feeling but maybe just being uncomfortable if they are alone. I feel that if someone wants to commit a crime they will do it regardless of the color of their skin.

What’s in a Name was very interesting to me as I know society likes to place labels on people of color, especially African American men. Racism is the underlying factor why African American men in the United States have an overall death rate which is almost 50% higher than white men. African American men are excluded from employment and cannot assume a traditional masculine role as a provider. Racism also has a profound effect on the lives if non-English speaking background men here in the United...

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