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english Essay

  • Submitted by: cherese11
  • on December 11, 2008
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Thesis:   A government’s success is dependent upon its positive impact on the people, its ability to make wise and effective decisions, as well as its capability to represent its people in a positive demeanor.  

I. The main purpose / objective of a government is to represent the people in a way that satisfies the majority.

a. The government should seek the input of the people.
b. If people are part of the process, everyone’s happy and that way people are bonded and stand together.
c. People should be guided by the government but they should not be controlled.

II. The ends should not justify the means in governmental decisions because it is not up to just the officials but the people that they represent.

a. Without the people’s views, there would be no nationalism.
b. The government needs to work with the people and not against them.
c. There needs to be a sense of moderation.

III. Some key traits of a great leader involve being able to make goals and follow through with them, being ambitious, as well as being able to do actions and not just talk about doing them.

a. A leader must be open and must not be narrow-minded.
b. They should not be blinded by their own arrogance.
c. A leader should look beyond the surface and at the final product.

Rachel Wong
College English
Prof. Gratale

Paragraph 1:
Intro- Throughout the world there are different types of governments and ways of control which embody the people in both positive and negative ways.
Intro- A government is an organization which acts as the public voice for the people.
Central Idea- It is up to that organization to represent the people in a positive way so that the majority of them are content.
Bridge sentences- Even today, we the people see how important it is for our government to take into consideration our wants and views towards our current situations that occur everyday.
Thesis statement- A government’s success is dependent upon its positive impact on the...

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