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English Essay

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  • on February 9, 2009
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English Assignment
Chemmeen- Thakazhi S. Pillai
Chapters 5-7

‘Wealth is the ultimate source of corruption.’ How does Thakazhi S. Pillai portray this in chapters 5-7?

Thakazhi S. Pillai proved the statement of wealth being the ‘ultimate source of corruption’ through the use of dialogues, rhetorical questions, actions and transformation of characters. Pillai, throughout the three chapters of the story, show the alteration between the different characters of the story, Chemban Kunju being the most concentrated in these chapters. He basically means that the want for more money leads to a negative transition to one’s personality and actions.
The character transformation of Chemban Kunju is one of the main proofs that show the readers how one can change for the greed of money. Chemban Kunju was always ambitious of owning a boat and when he does, that too with the help of money from someone else, he completely changes. The first day when his boat was launched and he had a good haul, Panchami, his daughter went up in front of him to get some small fish from her father. Chemban Kunju, pushed her away and she fell and got injured. One of the the most important dialogues which showed the change in Chemban Kunju’s character during this time was when someone saw this and said ‘My goodness, who is this? The devil?’ A rhetorical question was also used to illustrate the cruelty he used towards his own daughter, ‘Panchami had gone near her father’s boat to collect the fish with the rights of a daughter. Couldn’t Chemban Kunju have seen that? One shouldn’t forget oneself like that.’ This line showed the narrator as well as the common people’s viewpoint towards Chemban Kunju’s action. He also completely ignored Pareekutti, the person who made everything possible for him by lending him money at the first place. This was shown in the line ‘ Chemban Kunju behaved as if he had...

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