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english essay

  • Submitted by: albert19
  • on December 4, 2008
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Visual fascination versus reality
Car advertisement is a big way to attract consumers. Either through video text, through newspapers, or magazines, employers find ways to sell their products. There are many commercials about cars but one that has drawn my attention is the Volkswagen commercial. In that commercial there are two guys talking to each other while driving through a calm street. The driver is having a conversation with the passenger and they start to disagree on something. Then the driver takes his eyes off the road to make his point to his buddy about what he said. All of a sudden a pickup truck emerges out of the driveway covered by bushes. The driver of the pickup truck could not see so he backed up all the way to the street thinking that it was clear to do so. In that split second the driver of the Volkswagen looked forward and as a reaction to the sudden truck emerging onto the street, he slammed on the brakes. The car crashed into the pickup truck with deadly force and the airbags deployed at impact. The scene after that showed the two guys out of the crashed car, looked at each other with a surprise and said “woo”.
The point made in this commercial would be that people should keep their eyes on the road. Another is that if you have your seat belt on it will save your life. And the last thing is that the car had the least amount of damage so in that case it is considered a safer upon events such as accidents. At first the commercial scared me because I expected a nice calm car commercial like others that were being aired on TV. When I saw the accident in the commercial it immediately attracted my attention. I think that those kinds of commercials are the ones that actually get through to people. I believe that they are meant to scare people so people can visually experience the event through there train of thought. It makes people realize what happens in those kinds of situations and it ensures the importance of seat belts. Even though the...

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