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English Essay

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  • on December 7, 2008
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Olivia Lausch
American Literature
Alberton Schools’ Study Table Policy

Study tables will help Alberton Schools’ students achieve better grades and become more responsible for their actions. The new policy will show students that school work should be their first priority. The old policy made it mandatory for the students, in athletic activities, with a D or an F in any class had to attend to continue participating in the activity. The new policy states that any student with a D or an F must attend study tables 3 times a week in order to go to any school even including games.
The new policy makes all students accountable for their choices. Not going to study tables would make it so the student would not be allowed to attend any games at Alberton School.   Students only have to attend 3 times a week. They are offered before school and after school, to all students. The sessions are 45 minutes long, to allow students to get work done in a quiet environment or to get help from their teachers. More students will attend unlike the old policy.
The old policy allowed students who weren’t in athletics have no consequences for not going to study tables each week.   During the class periods we have 57 minutes to get our work done. Most teachers give time to get work done in class, some students don’t use that time properly. Students who don’t use time they get in class properly tend to have lower grades than the students that use their class time. Students are responsible for getting their work in on time and done properly. Teachers are willing to help students with their work during the study tables.
Lausch 2
Students who are in sports don’t really have time after school to do study tables, so they need to go before school. The long days may be hard but students should be able to keep their grades up if they are going to join in the athletic programs. Athletes should be able to sustain normal school activities and be...

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