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English Essay

  • Submitted by: jiji92
  • on February 27, 2011
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M I s s I N G

ENC 1101 SEC 0015

Sandy beaches, night clubs at every corner, and all the sun you can tan with. Yes, I’m talking about my city Miami. I wasn’t born there but I was raised there. I’ve been to Texas which is my home town and California, but there’s no better place I have seen yet than Miami. I realize some people wouldn’t feel the same or say it isn’t that serious but to me it is. I like to represent where I’m from and what environment made me how I’ am today.
I took Miami for granted when decided to move to Tallahassee for school. Biggest mistake ever! The people here are really cool, but there’s bugs everywhere and they just love to fly all over people, ugh! I hate that. Especially since I have so much hair, I get worried their going to go in there and lay eggs and stuff. Anyways, in Miami the bugs are polite and mind there own business away from people and their hair. I don’t mean to sound prissy or anything but I kind of take my hair very seriously and my scalp as well. It would just be nasty to have bug eggs hatching in my head. that’s a big no no!
When I came to Tallahassee I questioned why they even called it a city. It’s the most country place I’ve ever seen. I always wondered if I would like the country and Tallahassee helped me see that I really don’t. Miami is the complete opposite of Tallahassee. Wide open city and it’s a very night life environment. You can step out of your house at 5 in the morning and there will be people in the street like if it was 5 in the afternoon. So many things to do at all kinds of hours of the day. There’s movies, clubs, arcades, beaches, restaurants, etc.
When it comes to food, much like the people there is great diversity. You can find a ton of food places that have just about every type of food in the country. Latin food, soul food, traditional, anything you will find. And like I said the people are diverse as well. You will see all kinds of fashion styles and colors all over the...

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