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English is important? Essay

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When does English subject become hard for other people? Is it because they don't really understand it or is it because they're just not into it?

For 2 years, I wondered why some of my classmates are fond of failing this english subject. Is it that boring? I kept on guessing why and I just can't understand why, but I could see why. It's because this subject is for other people, irritating. Especially to countries that don't use the english language and writing. I see that they don't give importance to this subject because why should they? They have their own language and ways of writing anyway so why bother learn a new one? This is what I've observed among all of us.

We don't want to learn english because it just doubles our load. We don't want to learn it because we have our own. We are irritated because it is given importance by other people.

But, if we don't study this, do you think we would be able to talk to other people outside our country? Do you think we would be able to go to other countries and be welcomed there by using your country's language? Of course not.

That's why we need to learn this. We have to learn it for everyone and ourselves too. In our school, english campaign is implemented. Students are not allowed to be heard speaking tagalog and other languages except english.

It sucks. We had to surrended our i.d.'s and have a low grade in conduct because of it. But, because of it, there are lots of successful people now. From our school, some people visit and say that they're thankful for that english campaign. Because, that campaign was like a training to them for future purposes. And it was so useful.

Those people who visited were old students from our school. They told us students that we don't have to force ourselves to loving it, but it would really be nice if we learn to like it and it doesn't mean that we should forget our own language.

English, for me, is so important. Learning this will lighten your burden of...

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