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Enviro Essay

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Tadashi Iwami

Research Report


4th March

Allan Harrison

Causes of the Cold war and the impact on the world

The Cold war was a war mainly fought between the United states of America and its allies, against the Communist powers of the Soviet Union with its satellite states. The war was not primarily fought with the states main military force, but it was more based on high political tension, espionage, propaganda and military threats. Although there was never any direct military conflict between the main force of the two powers, the armys did give aid to other states especially arming those whom were involved in proxy wars. A proxy war was a conflict instigated by a state who aren’t directly involved with the main conflict but still fight for thier respective ally without the main power having to go to war itself. Multiple conflicts arose from the rising tension between the two powers and other states were also affected and influenced by the two states. Having them both on the newly built United Nations alliances and previously being allied in the World war II against the axis, alliances were not so easy to make. Although there was no official date to which the war started, these unfriendly tensions started and continued to increase around 1945 with the coming end of World War II and is said to start around 1947.

Tension between the Soviet Union and The United States of America were on the rise and military development was also on the increase. With the development and usage of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 this showed that arms of mass destruction and the sciences and technologies to make them were becoming available to the more powerful states, namingly the Soviet Union and the United states of America. The tension between these countries started to increase with the use of the Atomic bomb on Japan. During WWII The Soviet Union had been fighting for the allied forces and had lost...

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