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Enviromental Sustainability - A Look at the Hotel Industry Essay

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Below is an essay on "Enviromental Sustainability - A Look at the Hotel Industry" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

We are a society that is driven by consumption. It is an everyday occurrence for people all over the world to perform some sort of method of consumption; whether it is food or water, or fuel and other natural resources.
Industrialized countries are the main contributor of carbon emissions, they are responsible for approximately 60% of the planets total carbon dioxide output which is the leading factor in green house gases which are heating up our ozone. The ever accelerating consumption of natural resources from industrialized and developing countries puts a great deal of stress on our environment.   These actions of environmental un-sustainability have largely contributed to global warming and the decrease of environmental quality of life. The large buildings that these companies currently run their business out of are one of the largest polluters of C02 and CFC emissions in the world. As consumers are becoming more aware of these rising emissions, and the direct negative effects they have on our environment, there has been a push for more environmentally sustainable companies.
We as consumers have the power to develop a more sustainable planet, through recycling, reusing, and power friendly purchases. The decisions we make directly affect our environment and if we hope to continue into the future without shortages or serious environmental problems we must act as soon as possible.
Environmental sustainability is the process in which we try and lessen our consumption by reusing and sustaining natural resources such as, water, land, and air. Global environmental sustainability depends on intact and healthy ecosystems. However, many of the Earth’s ecosystems have been stressed or degraded, some to the point where they cannot recover.
“The Environmental Performance Index (EPI) was created in 2002 and was preceded by the Environmental Sustainability Index (ESI) that was introduced in 1999.
Both of the indexes were...

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