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Epics In Greek Literature Essay

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  • on July 27, 2009
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The epic form is characterized in five different categories. First, characters have to be someone of national importance and they have to be somewhat historical or legendary because of something he or she has accomplished. The setting in the story has to grand which means it needs to cover over the area of a nation, world, or even the whole universe. Next, the characters have to show deeds or actions that portray much courage and valor. Also, the author has to maintain the same style, tone, and language throughout the whole story. Lastly, supernatural forces are found in the story by human action and most of the time intervenes directly.  
One of the stories that have been read over the past four weeks that can be considered an epic would have to be the Epic of Gilgamesh. The Epic of Gilgamesh contains all five of the characteristics that are needed for it to be considered a true epic. The characters in this story could definitely be considered legendary and contain national importance. Gilgamesh would have to be the best example of importance in the story since he is two thirds god. Also, he is king of Uruk, which could not make him anymore nationally important. It is even stated in the story that Gilgamesh is supreme over the kings, lordly in appearance, he is the hero, born of Uruk, the goring wild bull (Kovacs 2). The setting in the story is also a true epic because it is grand and covers over a wide area. Even though Gilgamesh lives in Uruk and spends most of his time there, he also travels to Cedar Forest just to behead Humbaba. The story contains many different deeds that consist in the story, especially ones that have great courage. One deed that shows Gilgamesh’s great courage would involve his travels to Cedar forest to cut down all and trees and kill Humbaba. When Gilgamesh and Enkidu get to the forest and start chopping down trees Humbaba gets angry at the sound of them and tries to stop them at once. Gilgamesh knows that the only way he and Enikidu...

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