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Eslr Essay

  • Submitted by: cpeavey101
  • on December 4, 2008
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Westmont holds all students accountable for

understanding the ESLR standard. The ESLR standard deals

with the personal development of a student, the individual

and group communication improvement, and the overall

critical thinking process. Understanding the ESLR standard

is crucial for your success to overcome the many adversities

of Senior Project.

As for personal development through Senior Project, I

had to challenge myself to turn every paper on time no

matter what the circumstances. Artifacts such as the mentor

verification had to be done in advance. Thus, I learned to

not procrastinate. Learning to not procrastinate through a

large project such as Senior Project taught me

responsibility. Learning responsibility is easily one of

life’s greatest characteristics. After completing many of

the deadlines I learned to respect others as they had to do

just as much work on their Senior Project.

My individual and group communication skills improved

greatly through Senior Project. My individual communication

skills improved as I had to inquire with the unknown public about coins and investing. Learning this skill allowed me to

better understand coin investing even after my research

report. Another communication skill I learned dealt with

writing a ten page paper on coin investing. Writing this

paper taught me to explain and expand my writing, all while

writing a quality paper to be judged. Finally, from the

Senior Project I acquired the skill to present for nine

minutes in front of an audience of forty students. That was

something I had to do alone before. Overall I easily met the

ESLR standard for my project.

The final part of the ESRL is Critical Thinking. I

demonstrated problem solving by overcoming many adversities

that came along with the Senior Project. An example of this

challenge would be my photos for my presentation being


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