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  • on December 4, 2011
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Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.   By definition, a hero is someone of great courage in the face of difficulty.   A further definition of this idea follows.
Some of the characteristics of a hero are bravery, courage, determination, dedication, and sacrifice.   History is filled with various men and women displaying these characteristics.
There were epic heroes, usually depicted as great warriors, fighting for their homeland or freedom from tyranny.   An example of this type of hero would be King Richard and his fight in the crusades back in the twelfth century. There were also many tragic heroes throughout history. They possessed the character traits of a hero but their stories didn’t have happy endings.   Romeo and Macbeth would be considered tragic heroes.   More familiar to our culture would be the superheroes that we all grew up with.   Everyone knows about Batman, Spiderman, the Hulk, and the other comic book heroes.   They overcame any obstacle set before them.
We all know and appreciate the fact that our lives are made safe and secure by the firefighters, police officers, medical persons, and our military members.   Firefighters and other first responders put their lives on the line daily to save ours.   Medical persons use the years of education and training that they’ve received to make us well and keep us healthy.   And enough can never be said about our members of the armed services.   Young men and women trained to their job to protect and defend our country and the freedoms we enjoy at the risk of sacrificing their own lives.   All these types of heroes wade thoughtlessly into the fray every day just doing their jobs to protect us and enrich our lives.
There is another category of heroes that touch us each and every day.   I have heard them referred to as unsung heroes.   They also exhibit courage, determination, and sacrifice.
For example, the US Airways pilot who landed his airplane in the Hudson River and saved the lives of...

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