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  • Submitted by: kchuba
  • on December 4, 2011
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This is the story of my second birthday. Every year, I’ve always gotten bad presents. This is the year when my aunt has sense and gets me something good:
  I sighed and kept walking. I counted my presents in my head; 3 pairs of socks, some shirts, and a pair of pants. I sighed again and went to my mom. I put my hands up and said “uppee?” She also sighed and picked me up. She told me “I know it’s boring. But it’s almost nappy time, don’t worry.”   She said loudly to the guests, “well Janey, time for you to go to bed”. The wonderful guests got the hint and shuffled out the door. Now only my nana, grandpa, and mother remained. My father was off working and had given me pair of socks #1. (He also gave me a nice frilly dress, not mentioned above.) Well, when everyone left, my nana gave me a big, stuffed moose. I liked it, but I didn’t exactly ‘jump for joy’, as one might call it. My grandpa gave me a rocky horse. I patted its head and moved on. I looked at my mom expectantly and she pointed toward the door. I turned my head and looked at the door.
My aunt Tara came bursting in the door, still in her work clothes. She was in her junky, dirty clothing for waste managing. She asked my mom if she could take a shower to refresh herself. My mom said yes and showed her where the soap and towels are. As Aunt Tara took her shower, excitement rose in me. My need to take a nap vanished and was replaced with bubbling energy. So Grandpa watched TV with me while my mom and nana washed the dishes.
When Tara got out of the shower, she was dressed in her other clothing which had been in a bag. (My present was also in that bag, but I had no clue of this at the time.) We all ate cake and chips. When we were all finished, Aunt Tara got out her bag and gave me her present. It was wrapped in wrapping paper and a box. I opened it up and saw the most amazing thing in the whole world of this house. Under tissue paper was the most perfect, most wonderful, most magical thing of all time. It...

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