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Act Six
Three weeks after
Higgins.   Pickering, I wonder how that foolish girl Eliza is doing with her life right now.
Pickering. I think she is doing all right. I helped her build her own flower shop. I gave her some money for her to start the shop.
Higgins. Why would you do such a foolish thing Pickering? Are you out of your mind?
Pickering. Why would you say that Henry? Eliza is a fine and well educated girl thanks to you Henry.
Higgins. Oh really, well maybe we should go and see if she has keeped what I taught her.
Mrs Higgins. Henry be kind to this poor girl, I am sure she is working really hard on the flower shop.
Higgins. Were going to see about that to mother. We are going to see Eliza tomorow.

Next Day, Higgins and Pickering arrived in Eliza’s flower shop

Eliza.   Well look who it is. What a wonderful surprise to see you Mr. Higgins and Mr. Pickering.
Higgins. So I see you have kept my teachings.
Eliza. I sure did. People have giving me more respect because the way I speak. It also has helped me with my customers.
Higgins. I am glad you did not go back to your old self. I told you my teachings would help live a better life.
Pickering. How are you Eliza? How is the business with the flower shop?
Eliza. I am doing well. The flower shop has been working out so far with the help of my husband Freddy.
Higgins.   Haha so you married that foolish young man? What a mistake you made. With the education and elegance that I provided for and you marry a bum.   Not smart of your part.
Pickering. Henry, stop trying to make the girl feel bad. I am sure she made the right decision.
Eliza. Thank you Pickering and I did make the right decision. I think that Henry is just jealous that I didn’t stay with him.
Higgins. Me, jealous!! Why would I be jealous of a bum? So what if he married you, like your so special dear. You are just like him. You two deserve each other.
Eliza. Yes, you should be jealous Henry. You would never have what Freddy and I have....

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