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  • on February 27, 2011
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Stem Cell Research Pro's and Con's
Recognizing both the Pros and Cons as well as the moral and ethical guidelines involved with the use of stem cell research may never be agreed upon. To fully grasps the controversy, one must understand the concept of a stem cell. A stem cell is a blank slate waiting to become just about any cell within the body, for example tissue or organ specific. These cells would be new and have the ability to multiply rapidly. Stem cells are important for living organisms for reasons such as giving “life” to the entire body of the organism including heart, lung, organ and skin tissues. When used these stem cells function just like the regular cells they replaced. (“pro”). Although not all stem cells are the same but the idea is similar.   There are four groups of stem cells: Embryonic, Adult, Umbilical cord blood, and Pluripotent stem cells.   The embryonic stem cell is derived from a 5-day pre implantation embryos that are capable of dividing without differentiating over a long period of time. (“pro”). Adult stem cells ca be obtained in bone marrow or the peripheral nervous system, these can only develop into very specialized cell types. The Umbilical cord blood once thought good for only blood related problems has now become recognized for other cell types. These cells are taken from the umbilical cord at birth. The last type is the Pluripotent stem cells. These adult cells are reprogrammed to return to an embryonic-like cell state and be able to repair damaged tissue in the body. (“pro”).
The main controversy I found is against embryonic Stem cell research, its use, and how its obtained. Its believe by pro-life activist that this is first degree murder. That   by extracting stem cells from a invitro fetus is still killing life itself. But these cells are used to save life and have shown promising results. These pro-life activists should still have an open mind and consider that there are other alternatives. Other controversial issues to...

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