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A Marxist Reading of George Orwell's 1984 from the Point of View of George Luckàcs

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A Marxist Reading of George Orwell's 1984 from the Point of View of George Luckàcs Essay

A Marxist reading of Orwell's 1984. From the standpoint of Luckàcs

Marxism accepts a virtually axiomatic dialectical materialism, the labor theory of value and the economic determination of all human actions and institutions. It is characterized by a belief in the class struggle as a fundamental force in history.

Bennett, (1965, p. 643)

It is noteworthy to be stated clearly at the outset of the present paper that literary theories are composed of a mere plethora of highly debatable ideas, concepts and assumptions. They are in other words, strikingly vague, opaque and of a typical flexibility. According to Wellek and Warren (1966, p. 30)   }there are then, not only one or two but literally hundreds of independent, diverse, and mutually exclusive conceptions of literature, each of which is in some way right~. That is, the diversity of literary theories and even the contradiction between them sometimes, is something natural.

Consequently, one can broach a series of querries about literature and the nature of literary theories : what is literature ? What is the novel and what is its function ? And finally, to what extent does criticism affect the quality of literature ? This welter of questions is nothing but the tip of the ice berg.

Literature }is a writing which expresses and communicates thoughts, feelings and attitudes towards life~. Rees (1984, p. 2). Whereas the novel, as a precised particular genre of literature, is a narrative prose of considerable...

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