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I walked through the community of North Lawndale I noticed the cracks in the sidewalks were unavoidable. Broken beer bottles, empty soda cans, and potato chip bags were cast to the ground. The scent of old garbage and urine polluted the air. Abandoned vehicles filled the vacant lots. The gang members and narcotic dealers loitered at each corner. All of them wore white t-shirts and wore pants that sagged way beneath their buttocks. One of the drug dealers yelled out to me, “Rocks, blows, and weed”. While another drug dealer warned the rest of his associates that the police was approaching. All of a sudden I heard a roaring thunderous noise. I looked up because I thought that it was going to start raining. Then I noticed it was a car playing music so loud that it shook the ground. The music caused the sensitive alarms on the parked cars to sound off.   Nevertheless these conditions do not completely define the entire neighborhood. Despite the visible conditions, North Lawndale is a place where you will find hardworking constituents who strives vigorously to support their families.
North Lawndale is located five miles west of the Chicago Loop. The neighborhood is populated with about 42,000 residents. From that number 94% of the residents are African American (encyclopedia.chicagohistory.org). In the 1930’s and 1940’s almost half of those who occupied the North Lawndale community were of the Russian Jewish descent. However the great black migration led several African Americans to Chicago; a large amount of them settled in the North Lawndale community.
By the 1960’s (according to lawndale.org) 91% of the population in North Lawndale was African American. North Lawndale was once known for its synagogues, schools, businesses, and cultural institutes. It was a place pleasant to the eyes. Movie theaters, clothing stores, and grocery stores filled the community. That is until the late 1960’s when riots broke out before and after the assassination of the late Dr. Martin...

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