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Essay On A Rose To Emily

  • Submitted by: nono1212
  • on December 11, 2008
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In this essay, through a variety of examples and personal experiences, WB expresses his critical attitude towards American’s unwillingness to complain and explores the causes of it .According to him the ultimate cause is the sense of helplessness in an age of technology and centralized political and Economical power.
On one hand ,The technification of life has made one abandon the responsibility to look after himself and thus contributes to the sense of helplessness. One becomes anxious ,reluctant ,hesitant, afraid to assert himself. He uses some of his unpleasant self experiences to illustrate his point . such as the one in the ski store ,focusing on his mental sufferings .
On the other hand, he uses the decreasing number of letters to the newspaper as an example to show people’s political apathy .
So we can see the above reasons explain why American are so unwilling to complain .
What I appreciate ellen terry most is her ability to balance her career and family life .She can be a passionate ,professional and dedicated actress ,and at the same time ,being a great mother ,a housewife.
In the essay, “Ellen the actress” impress me by her dedication to the acting career. Being a gifted and professional actress, she never stop learning and keep enriching herself, even without a   day’s schooling. For example ,she can identify herself with the heroine of the play,sharing her emotional experiences, “lives her part until she is it.” And unlike those actors who are reluctant to play the stock parts or parts which they think are not suitable for themselves ,she fits every part.
Great actress as she is ,ellen terry can still found passion in her family life. She cares love and life, she devoted herself to caring her children and other domestic issues when she is not at stage.
That is why I appreciate ellen terry- for her uniqueness to be able to remain unacted, making this tough balance at ease.
I don’t think her life is ~instead ,her life deserves applause for...

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