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Ethical And Moral Issues In Business Essay

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Ethical and Moral Issues in Business

In our current state of national economic foes, it is painfully obvious that there is a continued need for personal and business ethics. Moral and ethical issues are constantly arising from our personal ethics and in the business ethics of our nation’s business organizations. Both of these entities will face daily issues and situations that will test the ethical and moral fiber of that entity. The ethics we resort to in times of critical decision-making as individuals and collectively as a business will reveal our strengths and weaknesses of character and resolve. Many notable individuals and business organizations have lost the public trust due to a lack of ethics and integrity. Banks that were supposedly too big to fail have filed for bankruptcy based on unethical business practices and baseball professionals have stood trial for perjury due to an obvious lack of personal ethics. These ethics will guide us at test time as students or how to present ourselves in a professional manner in the business workplace. Ultimately, it is our choice as an individual or collectively as a business organization to be committed to lives that honor’s a code of values and ethics.
From the time that mankind first came together to form a society there have been morals. Morals are comprised of rules that a society of people impost on themselves to regulate or control the human behaviors or actions of the citizens within that society. In many societies, these morals are based on religious beliefs of what’s right and wrong. The act of committing murder is a behavior that is considered immoral or wrong in most societies. While giving aid and comfort to the poor and homeless is considered to be morally correct or desirable. Ethics are derived from society and their ever evolving interpretation of what’s right and wrong based on the morals of the community. In many western cultures or societies, it is unethical for a businessperson or politician to...

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