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Ethical Dilemma Paper

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I was employed to one company that was so rich with ethical dilemmas it was driving me insane. After three years of working for this company, it came to the point that dread flooded my veins at the mere thought of going to work. This company detested any individual that said a word against its unethical methods, leading me to assume that nothing was going to change. I saw many co-workers foraging their time sheets, and watched other co-workers argue with one another in front of clienteles; I was sexually harassed by a therapist, myself and saw that my colleagues and supervisor had unhealthy relationships with clients and staff. However, nothing was done to end this unethical behavior.
When observing co-workers covering up for each other it makes you wonder about their personal ethics. For an example, when two of my associates were scheduled to work together they would both come in late or one would arrive on time and make excuses for the other being late. You see, if one employee was late, we would have to stay until they arrived; therefore, we were allowed to put the extra time on our time sheets. The very next day during staffing we were asked about the constant over time. We tried to explain but the supervisor did not want to listen to any justifications.
Another example would be that the same two employees would come in on time but one would leave around the same time as me, only to return to work before the supervisor or the first shift arrived for work. Another unethical habit that these two co-workers partook was calling in five minutes before their shift to inform us that they cannot come into the office; they did this four times a week. Many of my other associates and I informed the supervisor about this issue and she never did anything about it. So we just kept our mouths shut because whatever we said came back to haunt us.
Working in a hostile environment can take a toll on someone especially when you see co-workers constantly bickering with each...

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