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Ethics Essay

  • Submitted by: shecelt
  • on December 5, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Writing Asignment #3
Ethics,, and Free Will
It is an interesting subject when one speaks of ethics in todays society. Most people would tend to shy away from a conversations like this. Funny how so many are afraid to admit that they believe in something, and hold strong to their beliefs. Free will and determinism in my way of thinking tie in tightly to ethics. Do we have free will? If we do do we have the will power to back up our beliefs? Does mankind all have the ability to what they ought to? As I read these questions, I looked back on conversations with my husband. We often sit back, think, and converse over coffee. We discuss often if the world can stand on their own opinions, or if it is a natural thing for one to follow the crowd, even if it goes againist their beliefs and ethic oughts. Which opens up this papers topic.
I would like to believe sometimes that everyone has the same voice in their head, or cricket on their shoulder. You know the one that tells you what is right or wrong. That little voice that makes you feel guilty for even thinking about doing anything wrong. Even children have that voice. I remember when I was nine. I was at a grocery store, and I saw this huge candy bar. I asked my mom if I could have it, but she said no. (I realize now that if she could have afforded it she probably would have bought it.) I actually still remember staring it at sitting there on the shelf. It had a purple and gold wrapper, it was huge. Like it was yesterday I remember thinking "What If". What if I did steal it, who would notice one bar out of hundreds. How easily I could slip into my dress pocket. Yet I didn't take it, I actually went back to the store two days later and cried. I told them about how I actually thought about stealing the candy bar, and how sorry I was. The old man that owned the store gave me a candy bar, for being so honest. I would love to think that most are good and always do what they ought to, but my husband does his best to remind...

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