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Ethics And Compliance Paper

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“Roy Disney was an ethical leader who transformed the Walt Disney Company by making management accountable. He wanted the Disney Chairman and CEO, Eisner replaced because he lacked the necessary vision to lead the company. One of Roy’s concerns was Eisner’s failure to build constructive relationships with creative partners, especially Pixar. Disney was forced to resign from the company’s board of directors. In his attached resignation letter in Appendix 1, Disney called for Eisner’s resignation. Roy believed that Eisner made Disney ―’…rapacious, soulless and always looking to make a quick buck’” (Haley & Sidky, 2006, pp. 1 -2 ).
This is the type of behavior that Walt Disney does not desire.   Yes, management should want to turn a profit but not at the expense of doing this in an unethical manner.   The customer is the one that usually generates profits and if word gets out that a company, such as Walt Disney, is misrepresenting their financial or any other information then distrust will occur.   Distrust will eventually affect a business not matter which business is in question, because we as people tend to believe what we see on television initially.  
Walt Disney has chosen to ensure that a good culture remains within the business. Having, like most businesses, workers feel that they can express any concerns to their manager is important.   Along with establishing a good culture, they have also put in place programs that will help the environment, which gives people the sense that Walt Disney cares.   How do these actions fit into the financial side?   Well, I believe that a happy worker is a more productive worker (including management) and companies should give back to the environment because we all use something from the environment every day.   Finally, the company has also complied with the rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).   This includes reporting financial records and undergoing any reviews deemed necessary by the...

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