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Ethics Essay

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Ethics Essay
Terence Lord
ETH/316-Ethics and Social Responsibility
May 5th, 2013
Denise Antoon

Ethics Essay
Deontology is a moral theory that accentuates one’s obligation to see to certain action just as the action, itself, is intrinsically right and not through any extra kind of shrewdness—such as the penalties of the action. Or in other words, it is the study of what is morally right or wrong.   One simply may follow their obligations to another individual or society just because keeping one's obligation is what well-thought-out as ethically correct. However, one flaw of this theory is that there is no foundation or rational basis for determining an individual's sense of duty. For instance, an executive of a company may well choose that it is his/her responsibility to always be on time to board meetings. A shared reproach of deontological moral theory is that it delivers no clear method when it comes to making a decision pertaining to conflicts amid moral duties.
Even though there are various approaches to utilitarianism, the utilitarian method to morality suggests that no moral doing or rule is intrinsically right or wrong. Moreover, the suitability or unfairness of a doing or rule is exclusively a matter of the general non-moral good created in the significances of doing that act or ensuing that rule. A flaw with the utilitarian method is that utilitarianism, if this method is accepted, may validate morally suitable things that are obviously immoral. A good example of this is that utilitarianism can be used to rationalize punishing an innocent man or enslaving a small group of people if such acts create an enlargement of consequences (sweatshops for cheap labor). But in any circumstance such as this, it is still immoral no matter how productive they might be.
Virtue ethics theory is a wide-ranging term for theories that accentuate the part of personality and virtue in moral philosophy, relatively than either doing one’s responsibility or acting in...

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